Sunday, July 16, 2006

Boy it's been another hot day! I'm not sure what the exact temperature got to, but it was definitely hot and humid. It's supposed to be cooler tomorrow 90. I hope I don't need a sweater. We ran around this afternoon in my husband's car. The air conditioning is not exactly working up to speed. If it's 98 outside, I think his car blows 90 degree air. It was a good afternoon anyway. I found new curtains for our bedroom and I finally have my new printer scanner. I'm still working at the kitchen table. Hopefully I'll get around to getting my den in shape for some new furniture so it can become a den/office. If Steve thought getting new curtains was expensive, wait till he sees what I want to do in there.

Well this dieting thing is going quite well. I've stayed on the plan for 3 consecutive days. I did another 30minutes on the treadmill this morning. If I'd known that blogging my goals would have had that effect I would have done it sooner. This morning I was actually down on the scale. Four more days until the official weigh in at WW. Hope this stays on track. One of the things that has kept me on track so far is making smoothies at night. I bought a whole big bag of frozen fruit at Sams. I mix a cup or two of that with some diet 7-up. Whip it up in the blender and you have a very tasty treat.

I played a little with my camera today. I understand aperature and shutter speed, but getting it right is not easy. Yesterday's pictures I had forgot to check my white balance and my ISO. Will it ever just come naturally to me. I hope so.

I could post another layout, but I'm not sure I'm completely satisfied with it. Maybe tomorrow.

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