Friday, July 21, 2006

Wow what a terrific day I had!!! I got out of bed about 6:30. Sat at the computer, which has become my summer routine. Read blogs and worked on a layout until 10:00. My time flies when you're having a good time. Completely forgot I was going to take a shower. Oh well. I hadn't worked out so I wasn't all smelly and my hair was acceptable (which at best is all I can say about it this summer anyway). I got ready and picked Kyra up at 11:oo and then went and picked up Haley and Hannah. We had a girls day out. Can we say that it was definitely a day I hope becomes a regular thing. Though maybe not always spending so much money. Those girls are just fun to be around. It started with lunch at Valentino's, a definite favorite of Haley and Kyra. Hannah is just happy anywhere. Then we headed to the mall. First stop is Claire's. I think we could have just stayed there the whole time. It wouldn't have been any cheaper though. $75 later we head to Maurices's, a clothing store Kyra likes. She and I both like this pair of jeans and they had them in her size. I found a shirt as I was walking back to see how she was doing and she liked that too. $68 later we head to Limited too. First I have to tell how weird I've become. The last time we were there a girl was trying on dresses and asking her friend what she thought about a particular one. I just butt right in and give my 2 cents worth. Well today I did the same thing . Some girl was trying on tops and asking this boy sitting on a chair in the dressing room what he thought. I butt right in again. Turns out he was her brother and really didn't care but still who made me the fashion maven. I'm sure Kyra was thinking man my grandmother is great, but really couldn't she just give me the money and stay home. We got out of Limited too with maxxing out anything, but then we headed to Childrens Place. Whoa!! They know how to market to Grandmas spending money on granddaughters and Hannah is the queen of accessories. Where she learned that I'm not sure. Her mom dresses nice but she's not a big accessory girl. Anyway Hannah is picking out hats and hair things and socks and anything else that would go with her outfit. She's only 5 now, what will she be like when she's 15. Hope I get to go on that one too.

And then the day got even better. Amy wanted to go to Sam's with us this weekend. Tonight worked out the best. As we're leaving her house, I say "Let's go to Walmart and get me a cell phone". Sure how long can that take you ask. Only a hour or so. Poor Amy didn't think she was ever going to get to Sam's. We did get there with only 20 minutes left to shop. Amy hadn't hardly been out of the house all week. She finally gets out and I hijacked her to the electronics department of Walmart. She did get everything on her list I think but I'm sure she would have liked to have had time to wander around Sam's. After Sam's we went to Michaels next door. They had the cutest little 2x3 Laura Ashley albums in their $1 rack. Had to have them. I think they might even make great gifts. A very productive shopping day.

Last but not least. I came home and played with my cell phone. I actually put in numbers for speed dialing. Like Kyra is #3. I even put an appointment for Monday in there too. WOW who knew I was that quick.

Well I've written way more than I thought. Good night all! (Just for you Amy)

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