Saturday, July 15, 2006

We are in a heat wave. I don't think we've had heat like this for a number of years. Pierre set an all time high of 116 degrees. We hit 98 or 99. And the wind blew. Nothing like a hot dry wind to make everything look like brown and dried out parchment paper. I can't imagine no air conditioning. I know when I grew up we didn't have air conditioning. I also remember playing outside all day. Now we keep our kids in because it's too hot they might get heat stroke. I don't think I ever had heat stroke and we played hard. Nights like this when I was young if my dad was home, after we had taken a bath (or not once a week back then was good) we would go to A&W for a icy cold mug of root beer. The mugs were kept in the freezer so they had this coating of frost on the outside which helped to keep the root beer nice and cold. The root beer had a nice bite to it too. And after playing outside most of the day evenings seemed quite pleasant and that rootbeer tasted sooo good. One of my other summer memories is going to the outdoor movie. There again we would get in our pj's and mom would make popcorn and we go and watch a movie. Funny I don't recall any of the movies we ever saw but I do remember it was a good time.

I am such a bad photographer. If I don't do anything else worthwhile this year, I am going to learn to take better pictures. (Without using the dummy mode.) I'm not sure taking a class is what I need or to hire my son the awesome photographer to teach me. Amy is such a better teacher but she is just learning to use her camera too. We need to go out together maybe (with our books and figure this out). I'm also not feeling too competent in the scrapbooking department. After I looked at the layouts I posted last night, I wasn't happy with them. I redid the one of Kirby. I'm a little happier with it. It doesn't help that my daughter is so awesome at it.

On the dieting note, I had another good day. I didn't exercise, but I ate well. I woke up this morning with a headache so I couldn't get my self on the treadmill. Start slow they say. I can follow that advice.

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