Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Fourth of July

Today is the 4th of July. I'm not sure how we're celebrating today or even if we are. We've already had two birthday celebrations this week. But it wouldn't seem right if we didn't do something. We talked last night about getting together again. I have 2 marinated turkey tenderloins that should get cooked and I think Wendy has left over stuff from last night. A get together would seem to be the logical choice. Maybe I can even talk them into eating at their house. We still don't have a back deck or table and their house is still somewhat set up for it. We'll just have to see. Other than that it should be a quiet kind of day. Amy wants to go to Sam's so that would be good. I need to put my house back in order. Even though I was home most of the day yesterday it didn't seem like I had any time to get anything done. I emptied my dishwasher and filled it again and now I have to do that again. Funny how cooking does that.

Well I must say Haley's party was a success. She got more money than presents. A sure sign she is getting older. The girl wants to save for college and a car. Lofty goals for a 9 year old. What's nice about summer birthday parties at Scott's and Wendy's is that they invited alot of the neighbors. They have such a nice neighborhood. Kind of like it used to be in the old days in my neighborhood. Now my neighborhood has more new people and we just don't get to know them like we did before. After the food and the gift opening the fireworks came out. That is the great thing about Haley's birthday, she gets to have fireworks and we all get to enjoy them. We never had much for fireworks when our kids were small, so it always surprises me that Scott gets into them as much as he does. Maybe the lack of them when he was young is the reason. Who knows but he is like an overgrown big kid. They do all ground fireworks. And there is alot of poppers and smoke bombs. I think the kids like those the best because they can do them themselves. After it gets dark, we all grab chairs and sit in the driveway and watch and laugh as Scott sets off the fireworks. He is such a goof. He would tell us the names of them. One was named Happy. Well it pretty much was a dud. But we laughed and laughed so maybe it was named right. It got to be about 10:30 or so and we were close to being done anyway, but what should come down the street but a police car. Evidently some one had complained. The policeman was very nice and we closed down the party but it was the first time that has ever happened. When they first moved into the area there weren't too many houses and nobody cared but now that it has developed more I guess we'll have to be more courteous. I think it was probably because we had some loud ones and it was after 10. Even though our celebration is mild compared to others the law is the law. But part of me wanted to go tell that officer that we were just about done and this was for a 9 year old's birthday. Next year maybe we'll all go up and down the street asking if anyone minds if we set off some ground level fireworks. Whatever!
Well it's a beautiful morning, so I should go out and enjoy it.

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