Thursday, July 10, 2008

Shopping with Boys and other Fun Stuff

Yesterday I took Kirby and Kyler shopping. Last year I started taking the kids shopping as part of their birthday. It's just fun to spend some one on one time with them. In the case of the boys Kirby and Kyler, they always go together. And it is such fun. Yesterday we even took Amy with us. First off of course is lunch at the food court. Burger King for the boys and Subway for us girls. The boys were done eating by the time Amy and I got our food. So they were just talking and waiting for us to be done. We started talking about 9 years ago when Kyler was born. The boys asked if it was fast. Kyler has always been a low energy child, so Amy said no they had to give her something to help it go faster. Amy and I said that if Kyler had his way he would still be in there. Well you can imagine what that set off in a 9 year old and 10 year old. They had their mother pictured with Kyler's legs and arms hanging out. We laughed so hard which of course only fueled them more. I must say as gross as it sounds it wasn't; it was just plain funny. What's amazing is how much kids at that age know. I know there were very few kids when I was growing up that knew anything about child birth. We can thank tv and movies I think. Back to the shopping, we of course had to hit the Webkinz places. Amy had promised the boys a couple for their birthdays and I had too, so boy did they score in the Webkinz department. After that, it was to the software store to look at video games. Amy scored a Wii fit. I think she was way happier than the boys at this point. Then we had to go to FYE, a record store and one I forget about when I'm at the mall, but guess what? I scored a Wii. Steve and I have talked about getting one if we ever found one. He knows lots of guys his age who have one and love it and I want one for the Wii fit (if I can ever find one). I was quite happy. The boys found a video game, too. After that we went to the baseball card store. I love that with the boys I get to go to stores I would never see if it wasn't for them. And those boys are so good and so polite and so grateful. I'm really proud of the way all my grandchildren are turning out.

Last night was the last Summer Singer concert. I missed the one at Terrace Park, but I got to see 2 out of 3 so that's not too bad. It was interesting to watch Haley. She had spent the day before with her dad in Minneapolis so I think she must have been tired. She kept yawning and fidgeting. Nothing at all like the day at the courthouse concert. There she was quite the performer and singer. Even Kyra said Haley didn't sing as well as she did before. But with all her yawning I kept worrying that she would faint like her father did when he was in 2nd grade. Scarred me forever I think. Now whenever I go to a concert with kids and one starts yawning alot, I can't help but think that they're going to faint.

Well I have had 2 days straight of dieting without going off track. I wish I could figure out what makes it easier sometimes and not others. I think I'm going to start putting in my blog my food diary. Maybe it will be one more way to keep me going. What ever works.
Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs
Snack: whole grain bread with butter
Lunch: Subway
Snack: cantaloupe
Supper: Hamburger and leftover bean salsa
Not the most nutritious day but I stayed within my points and thats what counts.

I have to go get ready to take Kyra and Haley to summer singers one last time. It will be bittersweet since this is Kyra's last summer for it, but hopefully next year I'll get to take Hannah and Haley.

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