Tuesday, July 01, 2008

July already?

Happy White Rabbits Day! It always amazes me that one simple little thing a 8th grade teacher told us about is still with me all these years later. In the 40 some years it's been since I first heard about White Rabbits Day I have said it to myself on the first of the month more times than not. And even more amazing is that almost everyone I tell about White Rabbits day has never heard of it. I used to think that maybe she made it up, but then one day on the internet I came across it. I think it's more an east coast thing and maybe more of a Pennsylvannia thing too. Either way it reminds me that sometimes we think we impart wisdom to kids, but what they actually may remember is the silly things like White Rabbits Day. So if you say White Rabbits on the first day of the month you will have good luck all the rest of the month. It must work because I think I'm one of the luckiest people out there.
Yesterday Hannah got her new cast. And we got a new girl. She had been so quiet and reserved since she broke her leg. Not at all like the Hannah we know and love, but put a pretty light blue waterproof cast on her and poof, you have the old Hannah back.
Well this is the busiest week of the year for us. It's the end of baseball season, summer singers has 2 concerts and we have 3 birthdays. Then throw in the 4th of July though because so much has been going on we don't really do much, just rest up on that day. It makes this week crazier than Christmas.
Last night was Kirby's last regular season baseball game. They lost again. I still think Kirby has the best attitude. He only talks about how close they came to almost winning a couple of times or how he made a double play. He never bemoans the fact that he's on such a losing team. It makes a grandmother proud.
I made Hoison marinated pork chops and Southwestern potato salad for supper last night. The potato salad needed a little something I didn't think it had enough flavor but Steve liked it so that was good. The pork chops made up for the salad in flavor though. They're sweet with a little heat. Good stuff. I rushed to get supper ready so we could get to Kirby's game by 6 only to get a call from Amy at 5:50 asking where we were. Guess the game started at 5:30. OOPS. Considering we haven't missed any games, being late for one isn't too bad.
I am thinking about taking everyone to see Wall-E today, but Amy has to get ready for Kyra's party and with everything else going on this week may not be the week to get it in. I hope the movie is as good as it looks.
Well I should get a few things done before I have to get ready to take Kyra to summer singers. One more week. Where is my summer going?

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