Sunday, July 13, 2008

Another Beautiful Day

Amy and I went to the Farmers Market yesterday. It is finally the time in SD when we start to see more variety of locally grown veggies. We have such a short growing season that we are so limited to the things we see in our markets. Yesterday was a glimpse of all the good things yet to come. I bought such beautiful things. This picture doesn't quite do it justice. At least not on my computer screen. It looked beautiful on my camera screen. I bought orange beets, orange cauliflower, and multi-colored carrots and the most gorgeous purple onion you've ever seen. I could have put them in a basket on the kitchen table and they would have been just as pretty as any bouquet of flowers. I can't wait until next week to see what is in the market then.

The girls and I went to see Kit Kittredge yesterday. Wow was that a good movie. Not one swear word (unless I've learned to just tune them out, but I don't think so) . Kit was a very good role model for all young girls too. She was strong, fair and compassionate. Just the kind of kid you want your kids or grandkids to be like. You know how sometimes a movie looks good from the trailers but once you go to see it, you realize you've seen all the best parts from watching the previews. Well this was not the case. One excellent movie! I saw a preview for a movie I want to take the boys to,too. A true story about a baseball team of kids from Puerto Rico. It looked worth going too. Of course the kids want to see Space Chimps. Not sure that one will live up to the hype, but it is sure fun to take the kids to the movies. Unfortunately it is so expensive. I may have to curtail snacks if they keep having so many movies for kids.

Poor little Will yesterday. (He'll hate this if he ever sees it in his teen years.) He had to poop, but unfortunately it wasn't an easy thing. He tried for about 4 hours. I felt like a midwife or labor coach. He'd start crying and saying he had to poop. We'd go in and sit on the toilet and nothing. After 5 to 10 minutes of sitting he'd get down and play for awhile. Towards the end he was on the toilet 5 minutes and off for only 2 before he'd start crying again. Just like labor pains. Poor guy. Finally just before 8:00 he went. I really did feel like a labor coach or midwife. I kept saying things like "push" "you can do it". I'm not sure what the answer is but I hope he outgrows this fast. It's almost as painful for those of us watching as it is for him.

Today looks like its going to be a beautiful day. To get this nice of weather in July is definitely something a person should take advantage of. Unfortunately my house is a complete disaster. It always amazes me how Steve and I can trash it so quickly. So that's my plan today: to clean and get the laundry done. Only a month before school starts so I really need to kick things in gear.

Dieting hasn't gone so well the last couple of days. Not extremely terrible but not as good as it should. Movie popcorn is not exactly on my diet list, even if it was only a small. We'll see when I get on the scale tomorrow how much damage I did.

Off to enjoy the nice morning. Maybe with a cup of coffee or tea on my new deck.

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