Monday, July 14, 2008

One Month Left

My summer vacation is going fast. One month from today, I will probably be starting all those pre-school meetings and stuff. I don't know if I'll be ready. Every spring as summer looms ahead I envision all these things that I will get done during my break. Unfortunately real life steps forward and laziness creeps in and I don't accomplish all the things I thought I would. Over the years I've learned to accept that. I don't get depressed over the fact that the basement is still a disaster. It will get done one of these days. So I didn't knit a whole wardrobe of socks or read a book a week. What I have done is enjoy my freedom immensely. I can do as much or as little as I want. Before I started working, I spent every Saturday cleaning house, it was just what you did right. I scrubbed my kitchen floor on my hands and knees every Saturday. Now I do it on my hands and knees about twice a year. Who gets down on their hands and knees and checks my floor anyway. Before I started work, I spent the whole day cleaning. The house was always clean. I disinfected toys in my spare time. I ironed all Steve's shirts and uniforms. People who only see my house now or know me now probably have a hard time imagining that I was so compulsive about my housekeeping. You see I was raised by the best. My mother's hobby was cleaning. She would paint the inside of the closets, just to freshen them up. I was well trained. This of course is why I see all that is wrong at my house-I can still spot a cobweb from quite a distance. So always on my summer to do list is to deep clean my house and clean out all the clutter. It never gets accomplished as much as I would like. With one month left I tell myself "You can still get it done". Yeah right. But every year I give it a try. This year is no different, except that maybe this year it will all get done. One can only hope anyway. After all I have a whole month left!

Yesterday, I started out the day gangbuster. I did laundry, cleaned out my refrigerator, package and froze chicken and even straightened out the freezer some. I cleaned off my desk so Steve could hook up my new computer. It has a huge 24" monitor. It is huge. I think I should have fun with that. Now I have to get all my stuff transferred over and some programs loaded. I hope it helps me find my mojo in scrapping. That has definitely been MIA this summer.

The diet took a slight vacation yesterday. I made cookies I had found in the freezer. Just one the brain said. "

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