Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Where did the pictures go?

I like when I put pictures in my blog. So why aren't there any pictures lately. Good question! Could it be that there is not much to take pictures of these days? Probably. I'm at that stage in the summer when all the birthdays and activities are pretty much over and all that is left is cleaning out closets and such. Not exactly exciting photo ops. But if one my goals is to take better pictures then maybe I should be taking pictures every day, huh! So starting today I am going to take pictures every day. Maybe they won't be blog worthy but what the heck. We'll see if I can accomplish this goal this summer.
Yesterday Steve emailed me for my blog address. I'm like huh! What in heavens name would you want with my blog. For the most part it is pretty boring. I guess he wanted to show off my video that I put in my blog the other day. Unfortunately the firewall at work wouldn't let it through.
Yesterday was a slow day. I did some housework and laundry. I still had that silly headache for most of the day so my energy level was pretty low. The headache finally went away late in the afternoon just in time to go to my hair appt. I came back from the hair appt and we ate pizza and then Amy and the boys walked over. Seems like every Tuesday they walk over. It's always Kirby's idea. I think he likes to come over and see Grady. We went outside on my front deck and watched the fireflies. I've never seen so many fireflies in and around my yard. We used to have to go out in the country to see them. Suppose it's due to urban sprawl? Who knows! When we were driving back from Minneapolis Sunday there were lots of them in the ditches too. I don't ever remember seeing them when we have come back at night before. Must be a good year for them. We have had a lot of moisture this year so that could have helped.
Today's agenda is to finish the laundry and go through my clothes in the spare bedroom. School is fast approaching and I need to get my wardrobe ready. Actually I need to clean out that closet and start over. I have so many clothes that I don't wear anymore. No sense in keeping them really. We need to work on the laundry room this weekend. It has become the overfill for all our clothes. If we don't get anything else done this summer, just doing that would be a big help. Hopefully with having a free Saturday we can both get motivated at the same time and get it done. I'm such an optimist aren't I?
Well I should go and call Glenna. I have been thinking about her alot lately and lo and behold she calls yesterday while I was at the hair dresser. She's at the lake and would like to get together today. I've missed her this summer. She was always the one who got us together in the summer and kept us connected. No one else has stepped up and done that. Maybe next summer I'll have to do it. Not exactly my forte though.

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