Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Diet Confusion and other stupid topics

So dieting isn't exactly working out this week. I have this cold thing going and my body must believe the old "starve a fever-feed a cold" saying. All I want to do is eat or drink to make my throat feel better. Excuse me but fruit and vegetables and lean protein isn't making it. Couple that with doing anything tires me out and you have a serious dieting collapse. Now add to that my kids. Amy is doing the raw diet. She's not totally raw but enough. I can really see that that diet makes sense. Everything I've read on that is postive, but I could never convince my husband that eating only raw would be a good idea. Scott on the other hand is doing a high protein diet with protein shakes and a mostly meat diet. I know lots of people who have lost tons of weight doing that. And there is research that that is a good diet. I tend to believe that moderation is the most doable diet and plans like weight watchers are probably the best, but I am so confused. I think I'm going to stay with Weight Watchers. It allows me the most freedom. And I really believe there is no magic diet. It boils down to burning more calories than a person consumes. In my case and at my age, my metabolism is shot. I probably don't have to eat hardly anything and I can still gain weight. Exercise is where I need to work the hardest. I'm going to work on that. Usually when I exercise I eat better too. So that is where I am going to start. As soon as this cold gets better!

I was going to take Haley shopping yesterday but realized she had an orthodontist appt at 2:30. I didn't want to have to worry about the time so I decided to do it another day this week. I'll have to call her later and see if she wants to do it today or tomorrow.

We went to Sam's last night. Amy and the boys went with us. Her family is eating bananas like crazy so they wanted to come and buy bananas. I am so impressed with how well those 2 boys get along. I don't think they ever fight and there is no competiveness between them. I don't know if it is because they are so different or if it because of Amy's gentle nature. They are really a pleasure to take anywhere. All my grandkids are a pleasure to take anywhere actually. They are so well behaved.

I have the tv on in the background and they're doing a story about Nature Deficit Disorder. WHAT! They have a another disorder! Kids now days don't get enough outside time and not enough time exploring nature. Kids only spend time out in their own backyards or at playgrounds. Duh! When I was a kid we could wander all over town exploring everything. There was no fear of us getting abducted. Now we can hardly let our kids alone in their own front yards and we live in a very safe city. But it is true that kids are missing that connection with nature. Note to self! Lets take the kids to Sertoma Park one of these days. Amy and I used to take the kids there and walk the trails but we haven't done it in a couple of years. Must put that on the to do list.

I really should get a to do list. I have a number of things that I wanted to accomplish this summer. If I put them down on a list, I actually might get them done. Time is whipping by.

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