Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Happy Birthday Kyra

Wow 15 years! 15 years ago we were waiting for this beautiful young woman to be born. I look back and can't imagine a world without grandchildren. And I think I'm luckier than most because my grandchildren live within walking distance and they are all totally wonderful. So lets see if I can remember what was going on 15 years ago. I know I was home that day anxiously waiting for a phone call. Steve must have been home too because I remember us both going up to see her after we got the phone call. It had been cloudy all day and around noon the sun came out. Since the name Kyra means sun that was most appropriate. We had a dog named McGee and 2 cats Spooky and Dink. Scott, I don't think was dating Wendy yet. He was still in high school and totally obvilious to becoming an uncle. We were driving a white Plymouth that I can't remember the name of, but everyone had one. Great grandma Meyer hadn't started that awful journey of Alzheimers. Wow alot has changed in 15 years huh! We're on our 3rd dog. No cats. We have a total of 6 grandchildren. Just look what you started Kyra. 15 years of wonderful.

We had a great time at Kyra's and Ky's party last night. Yeah Ky's birthday is exactly a week apart from Kyra's . It was a beautiful night. Enough breeze to keep us cool and the bugs off, but not quite so much as to feel blown away. The food was great. Hamburgers and hot dogs and 2 salads I brought. I made a spinach and strawberry one I had made a long time ago. It is so good. The other one was a pasta no brainer salad. After we ate the kids, all 8 of them, went to play. They played on the swing set and then they started trying to do cartwheels. It was fun to watch the boys try them too. Even Kyra did one, which I got a nice picture of but in respect for her I won't post it. We adults just sat around and visited. Reminded me of many picnics and celebrations I had as a child. After most of the festivities were over and we were cleaning up Kirby started playing with 2 empty pop bottles. Pretty soon Grandpa is over there teaching him how to make music with water and a pop bottle. Isn't that what Grandpas are for- to teach their grandchildren all those wonderful things? And now we get to do this party thing all over again Thursday night with Haley's birthday. As crazy as this week always is I love it. Nothing better than time with family.
Yesterday Amy and I took all the kids to see Wall-e. I'm not sure what I expected but it definitely wasn't that. It was a good movie and had a good underlying message but I don't think little kids would get it. There are so many good looking movies coming out in the future. I just wish it wasn't quite so expensive. Maybe I'll just have to be more patient and wait for it to come to the cheap theater. Speaking of theaters, in the paper today they said we might get a movie theater on the east side here. Boy would that make my dreams come true. Along with a SuperTarget. Woohoo!
Today after taking the girls to Summer Singers, Amy and Kyra and I are going out for lunch and some shopping. We always have fun. Then tonight Steve and I are taking Ky to his ballgame while everyone else goes to the Summer Singer Concert. Tomorrow, Haley's Birthday. Friday is the Fourth. It's one busy week.
Well guess I can't spend all day here, not if I want to get anything done.

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