Thursday, July 03, 2008

Happy Birthday Haley!

9 years old. OMG. How do those things happen? 6 grandchildren, the oldest 15 and the youngest 2. And they're all so wonderful. Amazing! Haley falls right about in the middle. Her and Kyler are only 6 days apart. But there is nothing middle of the road for them. Haley keeps us on our toes. Full of energy and oh so smart. We have her party tonight. We'll go over there and have a barbeque, open presents and then there will be fireworks. It is always a good time. This year though we may need jackets. Usually it's hot and sticky, but this year's weather is a little on the odd side. It's only supposed to be in the 70's today. 50's for lows tonight.

Yesterday was a fun day even though I was only home for a couple of hours all day. First I spent the morning hauling the girls to summer singers and hanging out at Amy's. I'm sure she'll be glad when that's over and I'm not taking up space at her house every morning. Then she, and Kyra and I went to Ruby Tuesday's for lunch. We all love their salad bar. After that a trip to the mall and Hot Topic. Kyra scored some new tops, hair things and other things to numerous to mention. Since we started late we didn't spend us much time shopping as we would have liked. We had wanted to get to Zandbroz and Barnes and Nobles. But unfortunately we had to get home and get ready for ballgames and the summer singer concert. Steve and I took Kyler and Kirby to the ballgame. Amy and Kyra's boyfriend Dan went to the concert. I had such a good time sitting with Kirby and listening to him at Kyler's game. We joked about Ky's lack of energy and Kirby said he thought that Ky just needed to poop. I hope the people around weren't listening. Kirby did say something though that made sense about Ky's lack of energy or enthusiasm or whatever you call it. He said Ky just doesn't have confidence. It was like a bell went off. Yeah I can see that. If you don't always know exactly what to do or if you can do it well, then it's just easier to not even try. That Kirby, such an insightful boy. He really is the sensitive one. I told him he should be a coach. He knows exactly what the players should be doing and he's always so positive about the players. He never blames or attacks because they didn't do something right. We talked alot about his team and how they never win. I said do you want to be on the same team next year, thinking he'd say no he'd rather be on a team that wins more. But no, he said he wanted to be on the same team. Quite the kid.

Well today I don't have to go anywhere except Haley's party. That's not exactly true. I should probably go to Walmart and pick up a card and a few things to make some salads. But I don't HAVE to go. Grady will be happy to have me home. I need to dust and pick up a little. Where does all that dust come from anyway. Housework, you should only have to do like maybe once a month.

Ok Amy how was my comma usage today.


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