Monday, July 28, 2008

Still No Pictures

I keep hoping to take some pictures to post on my blog. Not happening! There are so many things I could take pictures of - like my great cooking skills - my knitting- my flower gardens. But you see, I'm not knitting at the present, my garden is all weeds and my cooking is hit or miss at best and even then it's hardly picture worthy. Starting August 1st ( 8 months into the year) I'm going to try to do a picture a day. And here is the scary part I'm going to put it on my blog. Taking any bets to see how successful I am at that. If it goes along with everything else on my list to accomplish this summer, I doubt if it will get past day one. But at least I have goals. Goals are a good thing right. And trust me I'm not being negative, I just know how this summer is going.
Steve and Grady are taking 4 large bags of clothing and stuff to Goodwill. It is hardly a dent in the amount of junk we have but at 4 bags a night, well, we could see success by Christmas. Ok it's not that bad, but some people might think so. Mostly my basement is what is in the worst shape. Everything that doesn't have a particular place ends up down there. If I had the house of my dreams I would have a unfinished basement that was just for storage. And it would be very organized. I think it is so easy to get unorganized in a small house, but it is so important to have some organization when space is at a premium. So I'm hoping that eventually we will get to a place where we don't have so much junk. Steve is ok with getting rid of stuff, but not too much in the help department. Though he does take it to Goodwill for me, so I really can't complain.
Well I didn't go get my license stickers today. I talked myself out of it thinking that because it is the last Monday it would probably be the busiest day, besides the last day of the month. We'll see. I can't put it off any longer. Do I get Starbucks before I go or after as a reward?
Not much going on around here lately. I took Kyra to Brandon for her theater camp. I did some laundry and actually cooked supper. Oh and don't forget the 4 bags of junk.
Steve just got home with ice cream to go with the blueberry crisp I made for supper. Yumm!

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