Saturday, July 05, 2008

Random Ramblings

Yesterday was about as quiet a 4th as you could get. We took Amy to Sam's in the morning. The traffic was so light. Everyone must have been out enjoying the beautiful weather on this 3 day weekend. Shopping at Target even was nice with no crowds and no lines. Steve worked some more on the deck. It should be done this weekend. Yahoo! Then we need to clean up the backyard. There's a out of control flower bed out there plus some piles of sticks and a few extra pieces of lawn furniture. Steve wants to put up some kind of retaining wall on the hill, but I don't know if he plans on getting that done this year or not. After the yard is done, on to the garage and basement. How we let so much accumulate is beyond me.

Back to yesterday. After we got back from shopping, we hung out for the afternoon until it was time to go over to Scott's and Wendy's. We had supper with them and the kids all played for awhile. Haley and Kyler and Kirby put on a couple of 4th of July plays. Short, sweet and not much dialogue, my kind of play. Then it was out to see the city display. They had said that they were spending less this year and had less fireworks, but it didn't seem that way to me. There was some really spectacular ones.

You know, we complain about our country and all the things that we think could be better, but this is one great country. I read a blog last night from a family who moved to Zimbawe. Even though they lived the lifestyle of the rich over there, the power would be shut off for hours and even days. They had to stand in line for 40 minutes for bread and another 20 minutes for milk. And that was if the store had any. I read another blog from a family who moved to China. They live in an apartment (this is standard for all apartments by the way) where it has to be a certain day before they (the apartment owners-ala state) turn on the heat or air conditioning. It doesn't matter what the temperature is. I can go to the store any time day or night and buy bread or milk and have a choice of all different kinds. If I'm chilly I walk over to my thermostat and turn it up; hot I turn on the air conditioning. I think we are so busy living our opulent lifestyle (and it is opulent by most of the world standards) that we take it for granted.

Today after going to the Farmers Market this morning, I plan on staying home the rest of the day. It seems like we've had something going on every night this week. Oh wait I think we did. Thank goodness things settle down after this next week. Not that I don't enjoy all the time spent with the grandkids, but I need to clean out some closets and get some projects done. School starts in about 4o days. Oh my!

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