Saturday, July 19, 2008

Saturday morning thoughts

I'm just back from the Farmers Market. I didn't get as much this time because we ate so little at home this week. There is still alot of good produce left in my refrigerator. I bought cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and basil. Amy did the CSA last week, so we couldn't wait to see what she got this week. She got multi colored carrots, micro mix, radishes, lettuce, cucumbers and some other things I think. Quite fun to see each week what they put in their boxes. I might look into that next year. I do know that I must cook this coming week. This eating out so many days is just not good for the pocket book or the waist line.
Boy yesterday was as boring a day as I've ever had. I didn't do anything. I pretty much wandered from one thing to the next. Days like that prove to me that I need to be busy with outside activities. It's not like I don't have enough things here that I should be doing but if I don't have motivation I just become a slug. And not only do I become a slug, I become a nonstop eating slug. Not good. I'm recommiting again ( for about the 100th time) to dieting. Starting Monday of course. I have 3 and 1/2 weeks left before I go back to school. I would like to start down a few pounds rather than gaining a few more pounds in the next few weeks.
I think we are going to go to Minneapolis tomorrow. Just for the day. It doesn't make any sense to spend a $100 dollars worth of gas for just a few hours of shopping. But we haven't been out of town all summer and Amy really wants us to go. She and Kyra have to just hang out at the mall while Cameron and the boys go to the baseball game. They done that in the past but it's not always the most fun. So she thought if we came up we could go and do a few things together and help pass the time. Sounds good to me. I just will worry about poor Grady being in his crate all day, even if Scott comes and lets him out a few times. I could never leave my kids when they were little either. Some people don't hesitate at all, but that is just not me. It's not easy being a worrywart! Maybe in my next life I won't be such a worrywart. Probably when your mother dies unexpectly when you're 16, you learn that terrible things can happen no matter what and it sticks with you forever. I know I would like to have a more carefree attitude and trust that bad things won't happen, but I really struggle with it.
Well I have to watch Haley, Hannah and Will today. Haley has a birthday party so we'll barely see her. I don't know what I'll do for sure with the other two. I know I want to take the kids to the Pavilion yet this summer but I think I'll wait until Haley can go too. It is cloudy and drizzly this morning but hopefully it clears off and the kids can go outside and play. I hate it when all we do is veg in front of the tv. I have to remember to take my new video camera. Maybe we can make a movie.
Guess I should pretend to get something done.

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