Monday, June 30, 2008

A Helper, A Nurturer and Just Darn Cute

We had Will for about 4 hours yesterday all by himself. Haley had her Rock Star birthday party and even though Will probably would have napped through most of it, it just seemed easier if we kept him. Since Steve is working on the deck in back Will wanted to help. Grandpa got him a hammer, a couple of nails and a board. Will pounded and pounded. He's pretty good for a 2 year old. Then he helped Grandpa by handing him screws as Grandpa put together the frame of the deck. I thought how nice it would be to have Kirby and Kyler come over and help Grandpa too. They have never had much of a chance to do that. Between Kirby's allergies and the fact they never wanted to leave their mom, we never had them by themselves. We should try and make up for that now that they are 9 and 10. It won't be long and they will be grown up.
Speaking of my deck, it is coming along nicely. It will be so nice to have a larger deck that everyone can sit on. I can't wait until I can go and order my table and chairs. Steve wants to build a retaining wall on the hill. He has had a love for those retaining wall bricks for a long time. He is always checking out walls and looking at the bricks at Menards. I'm not crazy about them but if that's what makes him happy go for it.
After Will was done with helping Grandpa we came in and had a snack and played. He pulled out the baby and baby stroller. He just had the best time pushing the stroller around and taking the baby in and out. He was so tender and sweet with that baby, it was just cute. I told him he was going to be a good daddy when he grew up and he just beamed.
Well it's another Monday. Will she start dieting for real today? I really do have to kick it in gear and get serious about this. I hate how I feel and look, but sometimes even that isn't enough. I often kid that the stars and the moon all have to be in the right order for some things to happen. Sometimes I think I'm not too far from the truth with that. So we'll see. I'll keep you posted.
On my agenda today is laundry. Maybe a walk with the dog. Go see Hannah and her new cast. Finish cleaning the spare bedroom . And finish up my planting. Tonight is Kirby's last regular game of the season. I'm looking forward to that. If I can keep the tv off I should get alot done.

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