Sunday, June 08, 2008


Yesterday was a beautiful day. The sun shone amid some clouds of course. There was a nice breeze some of the time and the temperature was a mild 75. The only thing that kept it from being perfect were the bugs. Oh those nasty gnats. You know the ones that swarm around your head and threaten to get into your eyes, nose and mouth. Evil things I tell you. I only got one bite though and I'm not sure if it was a gnat or a mosquito. Not bad for a bug filled day. We got a lot accomplished. For us anyway. I planted my impatiens and flowers I bought at the farmers market. Steve and I started pulling weeds in the evil flower bed. Steve also trimmed tree branches.

Speaking of the farmers market. Can I say wow? In South Dakota this time of year there isn't the selection of vegetables, mostly lettuces and radishes, some rhubarb and such. But let me tell the flower selection is amazing. I brought my camera but I was overwhelmed and had things in my hands most of the time that I didn't get any pictures. There were baskets and planters with some of the best flowers I have ever seen. I told Amy I'm saving my money next year and coming here instead of wasting my time planting my own. There was a couple of pots that are still haunting me and I might have to go back next Saturday and see if they are still there. I sure I could justify the splurge. Yeah right. Have you seen the price of gas and food? We should probably all be saving every penny now if what they say is true that gas could be 6 bucks a gallon in a couple of months. We'll need those pennies just to get to work. I hate to think that all we'll be working for is food and gas.

I'm excited to have Steve off the next two weeks. If yesterday is any indication, we might actually get a few things around here done. I really want my deck in the back replaced and enlarged. We started working on the back flower bed. 2 years of neglect has really taken its toll. The weeds and grass have totally engulfed everything. But what was amazing was that almost all the perennials were still there. I was sure they would have given up. I think once we get the mulch down , I don't think we'll have that problem again. As long as every year we put down a new layer of mulch.

Today looks to be another nice day. We had a little rain shower again in the middle of the night. I woke up at 11 and it was lightning in the distance quite fiercely. I never did hear thunder very loud so I don't think the storm ever got too close. The ground was definitely wet again this morning so we must have some rain overnight. I just want it to dry up enough so I don't have to always wipe Grady's feet. Both he and I are tired of it.

On todays agenda is more of the same - working outside. But I also want to go Michaels and maybe Best Buy. Michaels was having a good sale and Best Buy had a computer I want to look at. They have a MAC I'd like to look at too, but I'm not sure I could convince Steve to spend the extra money. Not to mention that I would have problems shifting everything over I think. While I'm in the Michael's area I would like to go World Market. I bought polenta there awhile back and it was good. And it is just fun to peruse the food section there. Such interesting stuff, that I can't seem to find in my local grocery. So if we do trek across town, I don't know how much we'll get done outside today.

Wish I had a picture to put in my blog today. I had lots of photo opportunities, but alas didn't have my camera on me most of the day. I love blogs with pictures, so that is going to be one of my goals - add more pictures. Well must get the day started.

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