Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sad Sad Sad

This is the look you have when your best playmate has gone back to work after 2 weeks at home. Grady just kinda mopped all day yesterday. He and Steve had such a good time on Steve's vacation. At least Grady thought they did. They worked out in the backyard all day and just generally hung out together. Good times for a dog.

The other sad news is that my little Hannah broke her leg. She was at the playground across the street with Haley, Kyra and Dan. She fell off the monkey bars and broke her right leg. Luckily Kyra's boyfriend Dan carried her across the street. Hannah makes the most of her injuries usually so at first everyone thought maybe it wasn't too bad. But Amy thought she was crying too hard and when her dad came and they tried to get her to stand on it then they knew something was up. Poor thing - soccer camp was supposed to start that night. Well that's out along with maybe summer soccer. Since it's a spiral break I don't know if it will take a longer recovery or not. She goes next week to the pediatric ortho man and gets her cast. It will be an interesting summer for her that's for sure. I've only broke a finger and neither Scott or Amy had any broken bones, but now 3 of my 6 grandchildren have broken a arm or a leg. Ky's done it twice.

As long as we're on sad news. I woke up yesterday morning to hear that George Carlin had passed away. He was one of my favorite comedians. I used to love it when he would be on the Tonight show with Johnny Carson. In fact just Sunday I downloaded a couple of his podcasts from ITunes. Even though he used profanity he was a smart comedian. His comedy made you think. He just didn't throw bad words out for the laugh.
I scrapped again yesterday. Once I decided to just do it and do it for the memory - not to be like someone else - it goes pretty well. Might even do another page today.
I pretty much accomplished everything on my list yesterday. I haven't made one for today yet.
I have to take kids to summer singers, but this afternoon I might finish my spare bedroom. I keep going through my clothes and finding more for Goodwill. I even did ok on the diet thing yesterday. I drank slimfast for breakfast, had a great salad for lunch. I had planned on having lamb burgers and taboulleh for supper but Steve came home not hungry and then we had to go to ballgames so I had some cheese and crackers. Not necessarily the best choice but better than fast food. We came home from the ballgames and I ate some of the tabouleh. Actually I ate it all. It was so good and the whole box was only 150 calories. Could have been worse. So today finish off my slimfast, have another salad and TONIGHT we'll have the lamb burgers and some vegetables.
Well must get the day started.

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