Saturday, June 21, 2008


Well yesterday was weird. Steve went to the dentist to have his tooth pulled at 9:00. He came home around 11:30 and said he didn't feel too bad but proceeded to take two of the pain meds the dentist had prescribed. It was a extensive extraction, having to cut away part of the bone. That and my husband has no tolerance for pain. Anyway all was going well. He went downstairs to watch tv, took an icepack with him and it was looking good. I went over to Amy's for awhile to firm the plans of me picking up the kids. Came home and Steve was asleep. Good, maybe he won't be in too much pain. I kept doing laundry and checking on him. So far so good. I get ready to go to pick up the kids around 3 and while I was in the bathroom I hear him pound on the ceiling getting my attention. I go downstairs and he's sitting on the sofa, gray as gray could be and sweating up a storm. Get me a bowl I think I'm going to puke he says. I freak a little. He kinda goes in and out. Next thing I know he lurches forward and starts convulsing. Now I freak alot. At school I'm the one everyone comes to in a crisis because I don't panic. Even if someone is sick or bleeding. But when it's my husband well, that's a whole different story. Luckily he was out for only a little bit and once I could convince him to lay down he improved tremendously. After he came to, I asked him if I should call someone. You know like 911 or maybe even the dentist. He said Why I'm passed out? Silly man. Needless to say I called Amy and we decided that she would take care of the kids and get Haley to her birthday party. Luckily I have such great kids. The rest of the evening he was fine and this morning other than some pain he seems back to normal. He's not allowed to have anymore teeth pulled. Of course he has bad teeth so chances are we will go through this again.

I have to babysit today. It's a nice day and the kids should play outside most of the time. Haley has book club this afternoon and we talked about making meatballs for supper tonight. Should be a fun day. Long but fun. I'm bringing my laptop so maybe I can scrap a few pages. That would be good.

Better go get ready.

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