Thursday, June 12, 2008

Where's my summer?

Yesterday was another in a string of days of odd weather. We woke up to a thundershower and then the wind blew fiercely all day. I dodged tree branches when I took Kyra to summer singers. And it was warm and humid. If it hadn't been for the terrible wind it would have felt like a typical South Dakota summer day. About 4 o'clock another little shower rolled through. And that brought with it cool air. And less wind. Still windy but not as bad. Since it was a baseball night, we spent the night sitting out. 3 1/2 hours of sitting out chilly, shivering sitting out. Luckily I brought a coat, but as the evening progressed it still wasn't really enough. Where's my warm summer evenings where sitting at a ball game is the best entertainment around? For a number of years I have thought that the weather clock was off. It used to be bitterly cold around Christmas and we had lots of snow by then. For the last few, we've had mild Christmas's and not much snow. Winter doesn't seem to really start until January or February. Summer the last few years hasn't really started until July or August not May like before. Definitely a weird weather pattern. This spring's weather has been particularly violent. Last night a tornado hit a boy scout camp in Iowa and killed 4. Just tragic. I think I heard that there were 34 tornadoes reported last night. A record number and thats not a record anyone wants. Then there has been all the flooding in the states to the east of us. We have been very lucky. I'm sure I'm not alone when I say I want just normal summer weather.

Today I need to get some stuff done. I've been on a lazy streak for about a week. I need to kick it in gear. Having Steve home hasn't helped. We tend to go on missions looking for things and that can waste a day for sure. I need to clean my kitchen and den today. But I think we're taking Amy and Kyra to Ruby Tuesdays for lunch, so I might not get as much done as I hoped. That and it's appearing to be a beautiful day so we might work outside and that would be good too. As long as I stay away from the Zuma game I'll be alright.

Well HELLO is no longer. That was such a good program. It allowed me to know if my son or daughter were online and then we could instant message or send pictures. I don't know if there will be anything out there that will be as user friendly as that was. We'll miss you hello.

Guess I'm off to get a few things accomplished.

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