Saturday, June 28, 2008

Singing in the Rain

Yesterday was the first of three summer singer concerts. They sang downtown at the old Courthouse Museum courtyard. Every Friday they have a different group perform and they sell lunches and people bring chairs and listen to some very good music. It's one of the great things about Sioux Falls, how they promote the arts. We have sculptures all through the downtown area and everything. Sioux Falls is just a great place to live. Except for the weather. Yesterday was windy and cloudy. As the girls were getting ready to sing it started to sprinkle. It sprinkled the whole time they were singing and as soon as they were done the rain stopped. Luckily it never rained hard. And the last time I took Kyra it was like 100 degrees and no breeze. I think this was better. This is Kyra's last year doing this. I don't think she has had as good a time this year as she has had in the past. It will be weird next year not taking her. I hope Haley and now next year Hannah will be old enough, that they will want to do it for another year or two.
I babysit today. It should be interesting with Hannah and her leg. I should research some kid card games to teach her how to play. Amy and I are going to the farmers market this morning. Hope we don't get blown away. The wind is really blowing today. Of course this is South Dakota. Weather is always part of the conversation. So of course the wind must blow on a nice sunny morning. I hope Steve gets a chance to work on the deck some this weekend. When we were at Sears last night I looked at my new patio table. I can't wait until the deck is done and we can go and buy it.
Well off to get ready for the day.

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