Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tuesday Ramblings

Yesterday was an absolute perfect weather day. It was a picture postcard day for the state of South Dakota. 7o some degrees, light winds, blue skies - you couldn't ask for anything better. So what did I do, you ask? I stayed in the house most of the day cleaning and playing on the computer. Actually it was a great day for doing that too. Unfortunately I still have flowers to plalnt and weeds to pull. My goal this summer is to get my yard in order along with some rooms inside too. Glad there's still 2 months left. I never know how I would manage with only 2 weeks off a year. It might really be better in the long run because I wouldn't put everything off until summer. What a thought! We went to Kirby's game in the evening. They are starting to play better and hopefully one of these days they will even win one. Kirby is such a good player I would love to see him play on a good team. He doesn't care though and that is what matters. That he just loves playing the game.

I came across a meme that sounded like fun. A little trip down memory lane.
Who was your best friend in high school? Janet Burns. She and I were inseperable. I spent as much time at her house as I did at my own. We didn't have alot of classes together, but we went to all the ball games and wrestling matches together. Friday nights we would take turns driving and flipping the loop, the thing to do in Huron on the weekends.
What kind of car did you drive? I always drove my dad's car. It was always a Chrysler of some sort. I remember a blue one and then a 2 tone green one. Wish I could dig out a picture easily, but they're put away somewhere. Janet and I put many miles on that car. In those days the price of gas wasn't an issue. We probably drove all night for less than a dollar. Gas was about 25 cents a gallon.
Where were you on Friday nights? Like I mentioned earlier, we would be flipping the loop and looking for boys, Wolsey boys to be exact. I even married a Wolsey boy. During the school year we would go to the basketball game and then drive around.
Were you a flirt? I'm not sure I'd call myself a flirt, but I wasn't afraid to talk to anybody, that's for sure.
Were you in band , orchestra or chorus? No unfortunately. I played the clarinet for a few months but my heart wasn't in it. I had wanted to play the flute, but the band teacher talked us out of it. I still think if I had been allowed to play the flute, I would have been in band.
Who was your favorite teacher? Mr. Beattie, my psychology teacher. He was just a great guy who told us many stories about himself and he wasn't old and stuffy like so many of the teachers. I'm sure they were all of 40. LOL. Anyway he was the one who said no girl should ever get pregnant because girls can run faster with their dresses up than boys can with their pants down. Now days, he might be called into the office for those kinds of remarks.
What was your high school mascot? a tiger Go Huron Tigers
Did you go to prom? No A bunch of us got together and had a progressive supper. At the time it seemed like a poor substitute for the prom and I'm sure we were bummed that no one asked us. But later we all decided that we had way more fun than the kids who went to the prom.

I have great memories of high school. Even though I wasn't one of the most popular kids, I was involved in lots of activities, had a great group of friends and enjoyed learning too. I'm always saddened when kids say that high school was the worst time of their lives. I can understand it, but it still saddens me. So much of who we are is formed in high school. Sometimes I think we really don't ever get out of the labels and emotions of high school. So in my perfect little world everyone would have great high school experiences. What a better place the world would be.

Off to get some things accomplished today.

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