Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Wind comes sweeping down the plain

Wow was it windy yesterday!! Amy and I went to the Farmers Market bright and early yesterday morning and we practically blew away. And the wind never stopped all day. The 10 o'clock news said we had over a 60 mph wind gust. Just craziness.
I am just loving our farmers market. It is finally getting to where there are more vegetables all the time. Living in the midwest we have such a short growing season that it is often late summer before we get things like tomatoes and eggplants and such. I bought swiss chard, kohlrabi, green onions, micro mix and spinach. Now to carry through with my plan to cook all week and eat lots of vegetables.
Watching the kids went well yesterday. It was a definitely do nothing day. Between the wind blowing so hard and Hannah's broke leg, we were all pretty much slugs. I'm hoping Monday when she gets her cast on that she will be even more mobile and we can do more things. Will was his usual self. He pretty much just stuck by me and hung out. The girls and I played a game of Sorry and I took Haley to the library, but that's all she wrote for the day.
We have Will this afternoon, while Haley is having her friends birthday party. It's all he talked about yesterday. "I go your house Grandma." Yes Will but not until tomorrow. "I bring my hammer." He thinks he's going to help Grandpa build on the deck. I'm sure Grandpa can't wait for that good help.
This looks to be a busy week. Ball games on Monday and Wednesday, Summer singer concert Wednesday too, Haley's family birthday party Thursday and the 4th of July on Friday. And I thought I could cook this week. I better plan well.
Have a good Sunday.

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