Monday, June 16, 2008

Weekend Recap

What a great weekend!!! Beautiful weather (I know I'm talking about the weather again but it was extraordinarily beautiful) was just the cherry on the top. I started Friday with going out to lunch with my friends from work. Glenna was in town from Rapid City so of course we had to do lunch. We went to Spezia's which is always good. I had a sandwich and a salad. The sandwiches at Spezias are no ordinary sandwiches. This one was fire roasted bread and grilled chicken. Just awesome flavor. I would like to try and duplicate something like that at home. It shouldn't be too hard other than getting the flavors right. Just grill some bread, grill some chicken and make a pesto mayo. Like I said getting the flavor right would be the trick. But I think even if it wasn't dead on, it would still be good.

After a 2 hour lunch I came home for awhile before I went to Haley's Camp Invention finale. She had a great time at the camp I think. I wish I could have sent Kirby to that too, but I'm not sure he would have went. He gets a little set in his ways and enjoys his leisure time too much. It may have only been open for ULE and Challenge center kids, but that would be unfair because from what I could tell, all kids would benefit from learning to work together and thinking about solutions to problems. By the way I like this picture because it showed a project and Haley pointing it out, but the girl grabbing her crotch, I probably should have cropped that out huh? And of course it's a little blurry. Oh well what can I say my photography skills are going down the tube. The more I seem to know the worse my pictures are.
Later that evening we took Will (all by himself) to Kyler's ball game. Listening to him talk up a storm on the way there and back was the best. I found out that he wants to play baseball, basketball and football when he gets bigger. NOT SOCCER! He was so adamant about that that it was funny. I'm not sure if he thinks soccer is only for girls since his sisters play it or what but he had a definite opinion about not playing it. After the game when we were walking to our cars, he turned to Amy and said, "I'm done with you now Amy." Too funny!

Saturday I watched Scott and Wendy's kids all day. I am really enjoying it this year. I've always enjoyed it but this year with Will older and at that perfect stage of cuteness it's really fun. While Will was taking a nap, Grandpa came over and watched him so Amy and I could take all the kids to the movie. We saw Kung Fu Panda. Cute movie. Besides being a good movie, I enjoyed seeing all the previews. There are a ton of movies coming up that look good. Grandma better save her money.
Sunday was Father's Day. We went over to Steve's dad's house for lunch. Lori cooked which was so nice. She made a lime tequila turkey breast she had bought from Sams. It was so good. Joy made a cauliflower and pea salad. Nice to have a home cooked meal for a change. (what does that tell you about my cooking lately) Bill and Joy and the girls were here for the weekend. We had such a nice visit. It made me sad to think that we won't see them more than once a year probably now that they are moving all the way across Iowa. But actually anymore we don't see them more than twice a year anyway. We went to the nursing home in the afternoon to visit with Grandma. She looked good. I don't know if she knew any of us or not, but I think she did. It wasn't as strange as I expected it to be to be at their house and not have her there. She really hasn't been there for a number of years, so I guess the lack of her physical presence was just another step.
Amy stopped over in the evening to bring her dad some Father's day cards. We missed Scott's all day by being over at Grandpa's. Both Steve and I are the kind of people who think everyday is mothers or fathers day. Why celebrate on only one day? Right?
Well it's already almost 9 and I haven't even dressed or done anything but read the paper and write my blog. I need to put my house back in order and get a few things accomplished today.

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