Thursday, June 19, 2008

Rally hats and sweeping

After I take Kyra to summer singers, I usually go back to Amy's house and hang out. It's way more fun than going home. Her house always has an energy and kids. So yesterday when I got there they were all outside. Haley, Hannah and Kyler were on the swing set discussing the latest game they could play with their webkinz. Kirby and Will were sweeping the patio - their idea of a good time. I was there for at least 20 minutes and they swept the whole time. And let me tell you that Will can sweep. He's got the moves down to a professional level. Push, push, get it in a pile. Push, push, push, pile it up some more. I love how Kirby is so patient with Will. They are just best buds.

I didn't get too much done yesterday. Some laundry of course. How 2 people can have so much is really beyond me. I was going to get my pots all planted, but my shoulder was having a bad day. It's amazing how being in pain can just kill your energy. I plan on going to Cliff Avenue today and buying some more plants. My 2 pots that I had planted earlier, drowned. That's right drowned. I didn't check to make sure there was a drainage hole and with all the rain they were saturated and I kept watering them to boot. That's the way it goes sometimes. Most years my planting would be completely done by June 1st.

Kyler and Kirby had games last night. The weather was perfect. It's what I wait all year for, warm summer evenings and a ball game or two with my grandsons playing. It doesn't get any better than that really. Kyler you could tell just wasn't quite into his game. He did a good job in the field. Cameron has done a amazing job with those boys and their fielding skills. But Kyler just wasn't into the batting part of the game. He wouldn't use 2 hands and his swings were like"I'm just going to swing at all the pitches so I can strike out and go back to sitting in the dugout." Ky may not be as enthusiastic player as Kirby but he usually does better than he did last night. Then we went to Kirby's game. Whatever it was that Ky was lacking, Kirby more than made up for it. He was on fire. He pitched amazing, his fielding is always excellent and he hit the ball well every time he was up for bat. I love watching that kid play ball. Kirby likes the name Fernando and last night even his coach was calling him Fernando. And don't you love the rally hat. Both he and Ky do that. Doesn't matter that no one else on the team does that. It's what they do. Love those boys.
Steve's been working on the back deck. It's all tore down and he's dug the trenches for the brace pieces. He and Scott are going to Menards today to buy wood. It'll be nice if Scott can help load and unload the truck. It'll make things so much easier for his dad. Tomorrow Steve gets a tooth pulled. Understandably he won't get much done tomorrow. Hey if I can use my shoulder pain, a tooth pulled is just as good.
Well Grady acts like he needs out again. Must start my day.

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