Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Happy Tuesday

Well today starts Summer Singers. Kyra and Haley have both joined the last two years. This will probably be Kyra's last summer as she is turning 15 and will have summer school and summer jobs after this summer. Can I just say that I love Summer singers!! I do all the transporting for them and this is the one opportunity I have to spend some one on one time with each of them. Yes most days it's a quiet ride and not alot of talking, but it still gives me that little bit of time all alone with one of them. Now next year, Hannah will probably join and I don't know if she and Haley will go at the same time. That would be too bad as a little one on one with Hannah would be nice.

We had about 2 inches of rain last night. I slept right through it. If there was thunder or lightning I missed it. Unusual for me, but my shoulder had been aching last night and I took some Ibuprofin and Aleve, so I must have slept really well. They are talking rain off and on all week. Everything is green and pretty. The temperature has been quite nice too. Steve is on vacation next week for the next two weeks and I'm sure it will not be quite so nice. In fact on Sunday it got to 85 degrees and there was quite a bit of humidity. I don't think I'm ready for that yet either. Thats one thing about the weather in this part of the country, we are never quite satisfied with it.

I'm not sure what is on my agenda today. After hauling the girls, I think I might spend the rest of the day in my den and organizing and scrapping. I also decided to go through all my pictures on my computer and start putting the good ones in a separate folder. That way when it comes time to print I can just send that folder off to be printed. I also should go through all the old photos and put them in a box or something so I can take them to the local photo shop and have them put on a cd. And then I think I will read for awhile. I have such a stack of summer reading that I might need 2 summers to get through it all.

Well I think I'm off to the showers and start my day.

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