Friday, June 27, 2008

How lazy can one person get?

Boy did I do nothing yesterday! In my defense, I really didn't feel that great. I don't know if it was from eating multigrain bread, though I didn't have that much, just a couple of pieces. Or my trying to not drink diet Coke. Whatever it was my stomach did flipflops all afternoon yesterday. So when your stomach is rumbling and flipping what do you have for supper? Pizza of course. I must say after eating the pizza my stomach felt better. Maybe my body needs to break into eating healthy gradually. Yeah right.
Hannah seems to be doing ok with her broken leg. She just seems so quiet and sad. I'm sure not being able to do all the things she usually does has her quite bummed. She's doing fairly well her crutches but you can tell she would rather not be using them. I think she is afraid of hurting herself more if she fell. I can't blame her for that. She's very cautious and fearful when she's on them.

While Hannah was laying on the couch, Will and Haley "played the piano". Grandma's best toy. Then later in the evening Amy and the kids walked over. It is so nice that we live so close. We just sat outside as it was a nice evening. Almost chilly. Poor Ky. He wasn't even sitting there 10 minutes and the mosquitos started biting him. No one else just him. He swells up terribly with those bites too. Luckily as he has gotten older they don't seem to swelling quite as much.

Today I have to take Kyra and Haley downtown for their summer singer's concert. I remember from the last time that parking was a pain, so we will be leaving early to get a good place to park. I must remember to take my camera. After that not much is on the agenda today. I really need to clean the house. I've put it off most of the week and tomorrow I'll be at Scott's all day. Summer is flying these days, those we still haven't had too much really hot weather yet. I'm not worried, I'm sure we'll still have it.

Must go see if I can get anything done.


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