Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Watching History

Last night I watched a piece of history. History that should have been a long time ago. I watched a black man clinch the democratic nomination. And I watched a woman get more primary votes than anyone in the history of this country. Whats interesting is that this is making history. Here we are supposedly the greatest country in the world and we are just now having a man and a woman run for President and actually coming close to making it. I have never understood how someone could look at a person and make a judgement about them based on their sex or race. Oh granted we all do that to some degree. We walk down a dark street and see a couple of unkempt kids coming towards us and we become a little fearful. But for the most part shouldn't we wait and get to know a person before we judge them. Unfortunately, I'm afraid that Hillary faced more of that than Obama did. It's sad to think that we as women haven't come as far as we think we have. My hope is that they could be on the same ticket and win the election. That would be amazing.

Well enough on history. It is still cool, cloudy and rainy. I think we are going to get rain this morning. Its so nice to see everything so green and beautiful. I wish we had dug up my little garden patch and planted some things. Maybe next week while Steve is home we can get that done.

I'm taking Hannah out for lunch and shopping today. I started this last year as part of the kids birthday presents. Its fun and amazing to see what each of them picks. Tomorrow I just have to take kids to summer singers and Friday I babysit. I got used to not doing to much the last couple of weeks so this has been an adjustment for me and Grady. I have no plans for Saturday. Yeah!

I started a scrapbook page yesterday. Actually I started it a couple of days ago. Well talk about frustrating. After I spent all that time organizing when I went to use something, the file wasn't there. Sure takes the mojo out of scrapping. I'm not doing a very good job of accomplishing my scrapping goals this summer.

Think I'd better go and rob some money from my husbands wallet. Sounds worse than it is. I never have any cash it seems so I must swipe some from him. He just expects it so it's all good.

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