Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Come Back Rain

Remember how I complained that it was always raining. Well it hasn't rained in about 2 weeks and we need some rain. Yeah I know I'll have to deal with muddy dog paws but I really like that lush green grass and beautiful flowers. I hate seeing sprinklers all the time. So bring on some rain. Actually there is a chance of rain for the next few days and I did wake to some thunder and lightning about 3 this morning. And the deck is a little wet this morning.
Let's see what did I do yesterday. The usual, hauling kids, a little housework that sort of thing. I did go to Lewis Drug between kids and bought Hannah some things for her to do while she's laid up. Did you know coloring books are hard to come by? Is is just a seasonal thing? Or don't kids color anymore? That would be too bad, since coloring is one of those nice little quiet activities everyone can do.
I scrapped again yesterday. 2 pages even. It's like feast or famine here. Granted they're simple pages but I'm starting to like them that way.
Amy and the kids walked over last night. It's so cool that they are all trying to eat healthier and exercising. It's helping me to be motivated too.
I emailed all Steve's sisters and brother yesterday to confirm a date for a reunion next summer. We had a good time last time. I would like to see us do it on a regular basis because once Grandpa and Grandma are gone it will be hard to do it.
Today is more of the usual. Though I might take Haley to the mall to buy Hannah a Webkinz. We could have lunch there too. I might haul her to Michaels. I have this urge to crochet an afghan. I really need to plant the rest of my plants and make my front deck look less like a potting shed and more like a deck. Then we have ball games to go to tonight. A good summer day.
Off to the shower and start my day.

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