Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ask for rain and you get rain! Should I ask for money?

Yesterday I said we needed rain. Well at about 5 this morning, the sky lit up like the fourth of July. There was a constant rumble and the sound of raindrops and a few hail stones hitting my windows. I turned on the radio and it said we were in a severe thunderstorm warning, but I didn't get up to check the radar or anything. I just laid there and listened to the beautiful sound of rain. They're talking about more storms this afternoon so we could get more rain. That would be good. A couple of inches every couple of weeks would make most of us very happy.
I took Haley and Kyra to the mall yesterday after summer singers. We went to get Hannah a new webkinz. It was an experience. They are both smart and funny and actually get along pretty well considering their age difference. I let them go to Icing by themselves while I looked around in CJ Banks. I met them at Icing and they were just having the best time looking and trying things. They had found the 10 for $1o area and of course I said go ahead and pick up ten items. They had already said they would do 5 each. Even almost 9 year olds can appreciate a good deal. Then we went to Maurices and bought Kyra an outfit. Since she's lost almost 15 pounds her clothes are getting a little too loose. Then it was lunch and a check to see what was new at Hot Topic. I'm sure Haley had never been in there before. She didn't seemed fazed. Her mother might not have liked some of the words on the tshirts, but I don't think Haley even noticed. Then we ran over to Michaels and I bought some yarn. I'm going to crochet an afghan for my living room. Just a big oversized granny square, but I'm loving the colors I chose - a limish green, gold and brick. So then it was home, supper and ball games. A most unproductive day really, but very fun. Being productive is highly over rated. Having fun is more important.
I found out next week is the boys last ball games. They just have single elimination tournaments after that. As poorly as Kirby's team is playing they'll probably only play one game. They haven't won one game yet this season. That's definitely not because of Kirby. His team wouldn't even stand any chance at all if it wasn't for him. So with baseball over, and summer singers over in a couple of weeks, summer is going by much too fast. Part of me will be glad to not haul kids and to not sit 2 evenings a week at a ball game (even though that is the best part of summer). It will just be nice to not have to go anywhere.
Today I have no plans really. Some household things, some crocheting and hopefully a little more raindrop watching.

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