Friday, June 20, 2008

Nothing New

Yesterday was just one of those days. An ordinary not much kind of a day. While I didn't do much, I didn't just spend it in front of the tv or reading a book. Reading a book would have been good though, because I'm falling behind in the book reading. I'm such a all or nothing kind of girl. When I read that's all I do and so then when I'm doing something else of course I can't read, because, well you know. I need to get back to my list making. Next week, right along with dieting. I have to be the top prize winner in the start on Monday category.

So what did I do yesterday. I did my summer singer transporting. When I dropped Haley off, Scott asked if I would watch the kids for awhile. Will had gone down for a nap and Scott had a 1:00 appointment at the studio. So I did that and then went to get lunch for Steve and I. After lunch Amy and I went to Cliff Ave greenhouse and a couple of kitchen stores. Kitchen stores are amazing. Especially restaurant supply ones. All the big containers and pots. It was so cool. After I got home from that Steve and I went to Sams. It was nice to go on a Thursday afternoon. It was quiet and there were no lines. Got home from that and then it was time for Scott to come and help Steve with getting the lumber for our new deck. I can't wait for it to be done. Unfortunately Steve is getting a tooth pulled today, so he'll be out of commission this weekend for the most part. But I forsee in the next couple of weeks it should be done. After that it was bedtime. Now today I need to clean and do more laundry. I have to take Haley to a party at 5, but otherwise I think I'm home for the day. I'm sure I'll run over to Amy's to see the kids for awhile, but that should be it.

I have a kid story. Taking Kyra to summer singers is usually a pretty quiet event. She is just not much of a talker and she definitely is not one to share much of herself. But Haley on the other hand is quite the talker and she is definitely free with the glimpses of herself. I've learned lots from Haley. Yesterday we were coming home and I asked her about this naughty boy in her group. I guess he is just terrible. Anyway I had seen a black boy coming out with her group so I asked if he was the naughty boy. "Oh yeah", she said. I said, "Maybe he was uncomfortable because he was the only black and that is why he's so naughty." Haley in true Haley form says, "No they should be used to it, because whites sign up for everything." Alright, Already. Maybe all of our diversity teaching in school isn't paying off as well as we think. Or maybe it is, since she wasn't going to allow his bad behavior to be based on race. We also had a long discussion about it being ok to slap people because you're angry. She thinks that is ok if you are angry to slap someone. She thinks that there are times when you don't have to be accountable for you actions. I tried the well if you're mad it must be ok to kill someone right. After all that person made you mad. I don't think I convinced her, but maybe I gave her something to think about. Luckily she's a pretty good kid, not some mass murderer waiting in the wings.

Off to see what the day brings today.

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