Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ka Boom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I woke up this morning at 6:15 to the sound of raindrops and a little rumbling in the distance. Good, I'm thinking, it's been at least 2 days since it rained and things are starting to get dry. Actually that's sad but true. Anyway I laid in bed for about 5 minutes and then decided I had to get up and shut windows and get Grady out. 6:30 Grady is out under our huge tree doing what dogs do best - poopin the big one - when the sky lit up and kaboom hit all at the same time. Let me tell you, you've never seen a dog duck so low and run to the door as fast as Grady did. I so wished I had a video camera on me, it easily would have won something. Luckily Grady seems unaffected by his experience because my first thought was "oh no, he'll never poop outside again". I know I wouldn't. Not after that experience. On a serious note, that lightning must have struck really close because it was an instanteous flash and boom. I hope nobody's tree or house was struck.

I had a fun day yesterday. No blog though. The cable man came and fixed our cable and phone line. Woohoo! We have had a crackly phone for months. Now when I talk to someone it sounds like they're right there. Amazing! But back to the fun. I took Kirby and Kyler to the mall for lunch and to buy Webkinz. A year ago they had never heard of Webkinz and then I buy them for the birthdays and now it's never ending. I think the boys each have over 20 each. They have such a good time with them and Haley and Hannah bring theirs over and they play all day with them so it's all good. I don't take the boys shopping often - first they're boys and shopping isn't their favorite thing. Second for years they wouldn't go anywhere with out their mom. We took mom yesterday too, but that was more because I wanted her to come. First thing we did was have lunch. Kirby had Burger King and Kyler had Taco Johns. Kyler ordered three tacos and potato oles. He only ate 2 tacos, but still. We shopped for a while and Amy and I stopped at Caribou Coffee for a couple of tea slushie things. Yum. The boys said they were hungry again. Back to the food court we went. This time Kyler had a big pretzel and Kirby had a Subway sandwich. They're only 10 and 8. What will it be like when they're teenagers? I might need a second job to be able to afford to feed them at the mall.

Steve and I did a little shopping last night. We're on a mission to find those coiled hoses. Saw them all the time before. Now they're nowhere to be found. Though we only looked in a few places. Afterwards we stopped at Sonic for supper. We ordered the large blackberry ice tea. I think I should give up eating and just drink all these yummy ice teas all summer. Unfortunately, thats not far from the truth. They all have so many calories, that a person can't eat and drink those and not gain weight. But boy were they good.

Well off to check on Grady. He seems to be looking for trouble this morning. And from the sounds of it I think he's found it.

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