Monday, June 09, 2008

Blue Skies

Yesterday was a beautiful day. Unfortunately we didn't do anything. I have this shoulder thing going on lately and Saturday I must have worked it too hard, because yesterday it just ached. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. We did go and fill my car with gas and do some shopping. Wow almost $60 to fill my car. I can't imagine those people who fill every couple of days. And unfortunately the price of gas is effecting the price of everything. You can go to the store and watch the prices rise almost daily. Amy and I went to the bread store Saturday. She noticed that their specialty breads had risen almost $1. I worry about all those people who are living on the edge already. If gas gets to be $6 a gallon, I think our ecomony is going to be in big trouble. Actually I think it already is.
We went to World Market yesterday. I always forget to go to that store. Such interesting food stuffs. I was disappointed that they didn't have any dry polenta. But I did score cool plastic plates and bowls and glasses. 50% off too. They had some in green and blue - Amy's colors - I should have bought her some too. They would be the perfect summer dinnerware for her. Then we went to Michaels. They had quite a few things on sale that I wanted to stock up on. I also wanted to check on my Xyron refills. Whats up with Xyron anyway? How hard can it be to make a product and keep the refills available? Anyway I bought some yarn for dishcloths, a scrapbook frame and a whole bunch of ribbons. Then on we went to Sams. Some produce and books and pretzels for Steve. Then we went to Best Buy to check out computers. We decided that the computers at Sams were probably the best deal. So now I just need to convince Steve to take his truck and pick that and a new TV up.
Well Grady is whining at me. He went out once already, but may need to go again. I hope we get alot accomplished today. But with us it's always a crap shoot.

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