Friday, June 13, 2008

A No Weather Blog Entry

After perusing my blog entries for the month of June, I realized that it's pretty much all about the weather. Even though that it is a big issue in everyone lives and this year in particular it is on every news station, I have decided to not blog about the weather today. OOOPS. Maybe this counts already. So on to other subjects.

Yesterday was a quiet day. We took Amy and Kyra to Ruby Tuesdays for lunch. Ruby's has the best salad bar. You can get mini turkey burgers and the salad bar, eat one turkey burger and some fries and still have a burger to take home. We were disappointed that they didn't have the crabcakes Amy had seen advertised but it was still very good. After that we went to Sam's Club. That place seems to be our home away from home. We are there at least once a week. We've been there twice already this week. Steve is looking at a new tv for his basement, so we have gone to check out their tvs. It's such a confusing thing. Every tv is just slightly different from the next so you really can't compare two tvs side by side. And add to that the fact that we are not impluse buyers when it comes to big purchases. It takes me years to pick out a sofa. When we were first married and had no money, we could make decisions easier. Maybe when you don't have any money, the choices are fewer so its easier. Whatever the reason, it still maybe months before we actually get a tv.

Today I have to take Haley to invention camp at 9, lunch with friends at Spezias at 11:30, go see Haley's invention finale at 2:45 and then Kyler's baseball game at 6. My kind of a day. Tomorrow we babysit all day. I may take the kids to the movie Kung Fu Panda. Bill and Joy are coming to town too so I think we'll probably take the kids over there later in the afternoon. Sunday is Fathers Day, but we don't have any plans. With Bill and Joy here we'll just play it by ear.

Well I'd better go get ready to take Haley and get a few morning chores out of the way before I play for the rest of the day.

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